Live a Fuller Life

John's Story

On March 22, 2019, SFC John Matthew Fuller took his own life. He brought energy, light, hope and positivity to everyone he met. This foundation was started to honor and continue his legacy of "good vibes" while striving to reduce the occurrence of suicide for veterans.

Our Mission for Military Veterans

To provide funding for counseling services and assistance in dealing with PTSD and other symptoms associated with living the military lifestyle.

Future Goals

While Mental Health assistance for veterans is our primary goal, we understand that there is more we can do.  We can't just fix the way of thinking as some veterans in the Peoria Area need assistance with housing, food, and other physical needs.  We will be looking to provide assistance with these areas in the near future.

Growing by Giving Back

We are very good at throwing events, and want to serve our community in many ways. As a part of our participation in the Peoria, IL community, we also work on fundraising and charity events for a variety of causes. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your event!